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Changing Material Repeat Tool Options

You can change the appearance and behavior of some items in the Material Repeat tool.
To Change Material Repeat Tool Options:
  1. Click Options at the bottom of the Material Repeattool.
  2. Change any of the following options:
    • Choose a Resampling Method. Generally, Nearest Neighbor is fastest and gives the sharpest result. Textures that use a regular, finely detailed pattern may display better using Bi-Linear filtering.
    • Under Auto-Repeat Detection, change the values to improve pattern matching. The weights you specify should match the dominant values for the texture. For example, set the Hue Weight to 0 for a monochrome pattern. Change the Distance Tolerance value to match your texture. Use a larger value for patterns with large uniform areas and a smaller value for patterns with a lot of detail.
    • Click a selection under Line Color to change the color of the lines that overlay the texture image.
    • Click a selection under Point/Tangent Color to change the color of handles and points.
    • Check the Use Xor Draw Mode option to improve performance on some systems.
  3. When you are finished, click OK .