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Scanning the Pattern for the Full Repeat

If your image fits on a scanner bed, follow these recommendations to achieve the best scanning results.
If the image does not fit on a scanner bed, use a digital camera to capture it.
  • Pre-scan the image you want to use for your full repeat.
  • Make sure that the image is straight on the scanner bed, not wrinkled or folded.
  • Scan the image slightly larger than the repeat on the fabric/wallpaper, so you have plenty of room to skew, transform, or move the fabric.
  • Be sure the fabric has both a horizontal and a vertical repeat.
  • A square repeat is the only way to ensure that the fabric tiles out properly.
Screen Resolution
  • If the repeat on a fabric or wall covering is smaller than ½ inch, or if the fabric or wallpaper is highly textured, scan it at 68 ppi to help identify the object in the scan.
  • For objects with a small repeat or a fine texture, use a higher resolution scan for greater clarity.
  • For all other images, scan at 34 ppi.
Canvas size
  • The final full-tile repeat should be one full repeat horizontally and vertically.
  • If your pattern is very small, however, you must capture multiple repeats. As a rule of thumb, make your full-tile repeat approximately one foot square.