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Creating Texture Images with a Digital Camera

If your image is bigger than your scanner bed, do one of the following:
  • Scan the image multiple times and piece the results together using software.
  • Capture the image once using a digital camera.
In the long run, a digital camera is more effective and efficient. This procedure is similar to scanning images for a full repeat .
To successfully capture a render image with a digital camera, follow these recommendations.
A manually lit studio does not have a perfect flow of light throughout the image and can introduce some gradient. Compensate as much as possible to light the subject evenly.
  • Use a copy stand lighting configuration.
    This configuration requires four studio lights and two tripods. Set up the lights on each end of the image, not covering the view of the camera. Use the lights on the right end of the image to light the left side of the image and vice versa. This disperses the light evenly, giving it more space to blend across the image.
  • Rather than adjust your lighting for hours, clean up any problems in image production.
Retouch in image production.
After you create the image and identify the repeat, you can retouch the image using the [Material Repeat] tool .