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About the Flowline Page

After you mask the objects in your vignette, you use the Flowline page to ensure that materials follow the contours of objects in the vignette.
In the Flowline Page, each masked object has a Flowline Mesh. You mold an object's Flowline Mesh so it duplicates the shape of the object as closely as possible.
If your vignette contains only Non-Texturable Objects , you don't need to create flowlines. Instead, go on to rendering .
To go to the Flowline page, click the Flowline Page button on the toolbar:
The Flowline tool buttons are displayed on the right side of the screen.
When you move from the Mask Page to the Flowline Page, the last object you masked is still active and its name is displayed in the [Select Object] box .
If you worked on a previous object, the current object is covered with the last pattern you applied. Otherwise, Image Authoring uses the default texture.
If the object you are editing doesn't have illumination, it may not display the texture you choose. Go to the Illumination page and create illumination for the object.