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Flowline Page Preferences

The Flowline page preferences (available from Preferences on the Edit menu) affect flowlines for the entire image.
There are two sets of preferences:
Redraw the Preview Texture During Vertex Moves: This setting provides live feedback when you adjust flowlines. It is unchecked by default.
Advanced: Click this button to see the advanced Flowline page preferences. Most of the time, you don't need to change them. However, if you have very high resolution apparel images or very low resolution images, you may need to change some of them.
  • Meshing Preferences
Show Mesh: Displays a cross-hatched wire pattern for the Flowline Mesh, instead of the flowline outline and flowlines (or preview material). This setting is unchecked by default.
Map represents the quality of the Flowline Mesh after you've finished editing it. Static represents the changes in texture shown when you let go of the Flowline Mesh. Moving shows changes in texture as you adjust the Flowline Mesh.
  • Default Flowline Spacing
Specify the initial mesh for new flowline objects. By default, this is 2 by 2, which results in a bounding box around the object (two vertical lines and two horizontal lines). The number of lines is based on the spacing in pixels that you specify here. The smaller the value, the greater the number of flowlines in the initial mesh.
  • Line Accuracy
Flowlines are a vector overlay on top of your bitmapped image. This setting determines how the flowlines line up with the pixels in the view image. For low resolution images, adjusting this setting can make a difference in the accuracy of the flowlines.
  • Lines Defaults Preferences
These settings take effect when you add a line with the [Flowline Mesh] tool .
Line Tension: Sets default value for the [Tension] slider .
Line Depth: Sets default value for the [Depth] slider .
Texture Tension: Affects how textures bend to adapt to the flowline bends . Higher numbers make the texture smoother at deep bends.
  • Vertex Defaults Preferences
These settings take effect when you add a vertex with the Mesh tool. They are the same as the Lines Defaults preferences, except they affect vertexes instead of lines.