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Adding a Flowline to the Flowline Mesh

You can add horizontal and vertical lines to the Flowline Mesh.
After you add a flowline, you can reshape it. This lets you create a more complex Flowline Mesh.
To Add a Flowline to the Flowline Mesh:
  1. Make sure the Mesh tool is active .
  2. Place the pointer at the location where you want to add a line.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Press the right mouse button and select Add Horizontal Flowline or Add Vertical Flowline from the menu. (The choice you see depends on whether you click a vertical or a horizontal flowline.)
    • Hold down the Ctrl key and move the pointer over an existing flowline. When the pointer changes to a plus sign, click the flowline and drag in the desired direction.
      Once you add crossing flowlines, you cannot adjust the tension for the vertexes that form the junctions of the crossing lines. To change the tension for these vertexes, change their vertex type .