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Copying a Flowline Mesh

If one object in your image uses a Flowline Mesh that you can use for another part of the image, you can copy the Flowline Mesh, drag it to the other object, then modify it.
To Copy and Paste a Flowline Mesh:
  1. Make sure the Mesh tool is active .
  2. Right-click the object whose Flowline Mesh you want to copy and choose Select as Source Object .
  3. From the Object drop-down list, select the object to which you want to copy the Flowline Mesh.
  4. Right-click the second object and choose Copy Mesh from Source Object .
  5. If you need to, move the Flowline Mesh by placing the pointer inside it, holding down the Shift key, and dragging.
  6. Adjust the Flowline Mesh to match the new object.