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The Mesh Tool

Use the Mesh tool to create flowlines that display your real patterns and textures realistically.
The Mesh tool has the following options:
  • Tension Determines the amount of curve in the fold .
  • Depth and Show Depth Markers Let you pull or push textures away from the viewer.
  • Reset All Depths Returns the Flowline Depth to its original setting for all flowlines.
  • New Mesh Undoes your flowline work so far and creates a default mesh. By default, the new mesh is a bounding box with however many vertical and horizontal flowlines are indicated in the two fields. To include more, type a number for the vertical flowlines into the first box and a number for the horizontal flowlines into the second box. The flowlines will be equally spaced. Your new setting remains in effect until you exit Image Authoring. To change the setting permanently, change the [Default Flowline Spacing] in the Preferences dialog box.
The right-click menu contains commands that let you choose different vertex types. [Make Selected Vertices Sharp] and [Make Selected Vertices Curved] adjusts the tension of flowline vertexes.