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The Texture Tool

Use the Texture tool to manipulate the flowline texture.
The Texture tool has the following options:
  • At Selected Flowline Lets you stretch the texture over the flowlines in different ways.
  • Distribution at Flowline Determines whether the texture spreads or bunches at the currently selected flowlines.
  • Overall Size Helps determine the texture size and the number of times the texture repeats on the object. You can also control the size of the preview texture by setting its resolution. If you check Linked , the size is adjusted proportionally.
  • Origin Indicates where the origin for textures appears for this object. To adjust a different origin, select one from the drop-down list. Otherwise, it indicates the spot where the texture anchor point lines up on the object.
  • Perspective Effect Changes the Flowline Mesh to display perspective more effectively.
  • Show Origin Shows or hides a green dashed line crossed with a purple dashed line. You can set the origin by dragging the intersection of the crossed lines or by typing values into the Origin boxes. The location of the origin changes when you match textures on adjacent objects .
  • Redistribute Evenly distributes the texture across the entire Flowline Mesh. If changes to the Flowline Mesh cause the texture to render oddly, use this button to clean up the display.