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The Transform Tool

Use the Transform tool to manipulate the entire flowline mesh.
You can copy the flowline mesh to a different object, then use these modes to adjust the mesh to that object.
The Transform tool has the following modes:
  • Free Lets you freely manipulate the mesh by scaling it using any of the handles or performing a free rotation.
  • Scale Stretches the mesh but retains its aspect ratio.
  • Rotate Lets you move the mesh to a different angle. This is useful if you want to copy the entire mesh to a different object that is similar but is in a different position. To change the rotation point, drag the red square to the new location, then rotate the mesh. To place the rotation point back at the center, right-click and select Re-center Axis .
  • Skew Stretches horizontally or vertically. You cannot drag from the middle handles, away from the center of the object.
  • Distort Lets you adjust individual points of the mesh independently. You can stretch in the horizontal and vertical position at the same time and go beyond the boundary of the object.
  • Perspective Changes opposite sides of the object equally. You can use it to expand or compress the corners of the mesh in the same proportions.