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Choosing a Preview Texture

It's important to use an appropriate preview material.
It should make clear to you any potential problem areas. Stripes or plaids are good choices. If the object uses only a particular type of pattern (such as a floral motif), use a pattern close to the one it uses.
You can use any image file as a preview material.
Before you apply a preview material, set the texture anchor point as needed.
To Change the Preview Material:
  1. In the side menu, click the Preview Texture image and choose a material you've used before or click New to choose a different material.
  2. If you choose new, navigate to the folder that contains the graphic file you want, select the file, then click Open .
  3. Click OK .
    You can remove a preview texture you no longer plan to use by making it the current choice, then choosing Remove . Your image uses the next texture in the list until you choose a different one.
    You can change certain characteristics of the texture using the [Texture Material Properties] dialog box .