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Changing the Texture Size for Flowline Objects

For flowline objects that display a texture, you can precisely determine the texture size and the number of times the texture repeats on the object.
Size is determined by two settings in the Flowline page:
  • The Resolution setting of the graphic file selected in the Texture Material Properties dialog box.
  • The Overall Size setting for the Texture tool.
To Change the Texture Resolution:
  1. In the [Select Object] box, select the object to which the texture is applied.
  2. In the side menu, click the Preview Material , then choose Properties .
  3. On the Texture tab, in the Resolution box, enter the ppi value you used when scanning.
    In the example, you would enter "72" (since this is ppi value used for scanning this sample).
  4. When you are finished, click OK .
  5. In the side menu, click the Texture tool button .
  6. Under Overall Size, enter the dimensions of the mesh.