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Opening a Vignette

Once you've saved a vignette, you can open it in any several ways.
To Open a Vignette:
  • Click to display a dialog box where you can open vignette and image files. Specify the location, name, and file type, then click Open .
  • Choose Open from the File menu and follow the same steps as above.
The Open dialog box displays a preview of the vignette, if one is available and you turned on the preview preference . When you save a vignette in version 3.0 or higher, Image Authoring automatically creates a thumbnail that it uses for this preview.
  • Drag a vignette filename from Windows Explorer into the Image Authoringwindow.
  • You can drag and drop a vignette from IPS onto Image Authoring. To do this, simply browse the vignettes folder in IPS and drag the image of a vignette from the browser onto Image Authoring. Drag and drop operations must be done from the Browse Page of IPS.
If you are connecting to an enterprise edition of IPS, then your Preferences for IPS must be set to connect to that server. For example, the user name and password must be valid for the company you wish to access.