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Designing a Hierarchy for Dynamic Rendering

You create the vignette hierarchy on the Object page.
Follow these guidelines when you create an object hierarchy for your vignette:
  • If your website lets the end-user decorate separate areas of the vignette, you and your Web developers must agree on a consistent naming convention for objects and groups. The Web code refers to groups and sub-groups within the vignette, and the code and the vignette hierarchy must match.
  • Be sure to use the identical spelling and capitalization for object types. For example, if you name an object group "couch," don't ever name its objects "Couch."
  • Be sure to use consistent and appropriate object types for object groups. For example, if you need to create flowlines for a couch object, create that object as a Flowline object. If you create one couch as a Flowline object, create all couches using Flowline object types.
One way to ensure that all these guidelines are followed is to use vignette templates .