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Sending Images to the Image Rendering System

You use the Vignette Update tool to prepare vignettes for deployment to the Image Rendering System.
Follow these guidelines when you use the Vignette Update tool:
  • Find out the size that will be used for the vignette on the website. If the vignette is displayed at more than one size, go through the [Vignette Update] tool once for each size, entering each image width once when prompted. If vignette is to be displayed at multiple sizes and Image Rendering is version 3.7.1 or higher, we recommend the Output Vignette Type be set to Pyramid. This typically gives better rendering results.
  • You may find it necessary to change the vignette's version to match the version of your server rendering software, because the current version of Image Authoring may use a different vignette version than the one Image Rendering is expecting. For example, Image Authoring (Infinite Imaging Software) 2.0.4 saves vignettes as version 51, whereas Image Rendering 3.0.7 is expecting vignettes as version 50.
  • With the latest [Vignette Update] tool , file name templates can be used. This is a new field where the user can set what the file name output will be. Make sure that the same naming convention is what the Web developers are expecting.
  • Image map output from the [Vignette Update] tool has been removed. If you need image map coordinates for your vignette, then you need to export them from Image Authoring.