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Exporting to Photoshop

You can export (save) objects to Photoshop.
The exported objects become layers in the resulting PSD file. Renderable overlap objects result in one layer per illumination map, forming a layer set. Any vector paths you have saved with an image is maintained.
To Export a Vignette in PSD Format:
  1. On the Object page, right-click the vignette in the Object Hierarchy.
  2. Click Export .PSD File .
  3. Enter a name in the File name box.
  4. Click Save .
  5. Specify whether to export the view image or an illumination map.
  6. Specify the print resolution for the vignette , whether you want to use RLE compression (for smaller file size), and how to deal with color management settings. You can also save a vignette as a layered PSD ( Photoshop) file by batch-rendering the images. You can export a flat image using the [File] menu [Export] option . You can re-import masks , illumination maps , drop shadows , and view images . Image Authoring reassigns them appropriately in the Object Hierarchy, as long as you don't change the names of their layers in Photoshop.