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About Illumination Options

The options at the bottom of the side window are always available.
Illumination: Determines the Illumination Map used for this vignette. Map A is automatically generated when the vignette is created. You can copy and adjust Map A in the [View Properties] dialog box , or you can edit the Illumination Map with a third-party graphics tool such as Photoshop. Multiple Illumination Maps can be used in room scenes, where, for example, a refrigerator may have a shiny metallic finish in addition to the flatter color finishes used for other surfaces. Most vignettes use only Map A.
** Image :** Lets you switch between viewing the grayscale Illumination Map, the original photo, or a view of the image rendered with a texture or color.
Preview: Lets you preview the selected object or group with a solid color when Image is set to either View or Render.