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Exporting the Illumination Map

You can export the Illumination Map in order to fine-tune it with another application, for example, Photoshop.
You can export the Illumination Map and the mask information in Photoshop format, or you can export the Illumination Map only.
When you have finished fine-tuning the information, you can import the resulting Illumination Map back into Image Authoring.
To Export Only the Illumination Map:
  1. On the Illumination page, display the Illumination Map to export.
  2. Set the Image option to Illumination.
  3. Uncheck the Preview checkbox.
  4. From the File menu, choose Export Image .
  5. Choose any file format.
  6. Click Save .
To Export the Illumination Map and the Mask Information:
  1. On the Object page, right-click on the vignette name.
  2. Choose the Export .PSD File .
  3. Type in a file name and click Save .
  4. In the Select Layers and Masks for Export dialog box, indicate the following:
    • Choose Grayscale or RGB(A) by clicking the appropriate button.
    • Select the masks to export by clicking the first one you want, then Ctrl-clicking the others.
  5. Click OK .