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The Blur Brush

The Blur Brush blends pixels together. The effect is similar to that of smearing wet paint on a canvas.
To Blend Pixels in an Object or Group:
  1. Select an object or group in the [Select Object] box .
  2. In the side menu, click the Blur Brush .
  3. In the image, drag the brush over the area you want to blend. You can set the following options for the Blur Brush:
  • Blur Effect: The higher the percentage, the more pronounced the effect.
  • Filter Size: Changes the nature of the brush stroke, but the differences are subtle.
  • Apply to Whole Object: Applies your changes to the entire object or group that is currently selected.
  • Adaptive Blur: Use this option if previous changes you made to the brightness and contrast have introduced banding. You must save the vignette before you can use this