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The Highlight Tool

The Highlight tool lets you create areas of brightness for vignettes containing a highlight matte object.
You begin by creating a normal illumination map for your vignette. You make a copy of this illumination map and adjust it for the highlight matte object.
To Create Areas of Brightness for Vignettes Containing a Highlight Matte Object:
  1. Create a normal illumination map for the entire vignette.
  2. With <none> selected in the [Select Object] box , choose Object Properties from the Edit menu.
  3. Click the Illumination tab.
  4. Click the Action button for Map B or Map C.
  5. Choose Copy illum map A .
  6. Click OK .
  7. In the side menu, click the Highlight tool .
  8. Select an object or group in the [Select Object] box .
    Select the object or group that is to be highlighted. You cannot select the highlight matte object itself, because it is not a renderable object.
  9. Click Generate from Matte .
  10. Use the Base Illumination Brightness and Contrast sliders to adjust the overall illumination for the selected group or object.
  11. Use the Intensity, Radius, and Gradient sliders to adjust the illumination for the selected object.
    To adjust a highlight area that you created when you masked the highlight matte object , hover over that area until you see the grab cursor. Click to select it. Changes to these sliders affect the selected highlight area only. To return to editing the selected object as a whole, click outside the highlight area.
  12. When you are satisfied with the effect, click Apply . To adjust the illumination further, after you click Apply , click Generate from Matte again and repeat the process.