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The Feather Tool

When you apply feathering, the mask edge spreads out from an existing tool, adding and subtracting at the same time to make a soft edge.
Feathering affects the two adjacent masks, feathering the edges of both masks. You can apply feathering settings to the entire mask. Your Feather tool settings remain in effect until you change them again.
The Feather tool has the following option:
  • Radius: By default, the Feather tool affects three pixels of the mask edge, but you can adjust the Radius slider to set this anywhere between one and ten pixels.
  • Set to Optimum: Sets the feather tool radius to match the blurriness of the mask to the underlying image edge. It assumes that the mask edge has not been previously softened.
  • Adaptive Feathering: Use this option to make the sharpness or blurriness of the applied texture or color blend in with the underlying image. Adaptive Feathering calculates the feathering radius during the brush stroke. If you click Apply to Whole Mask, it calculates the radius based on the entire edge.
If you use Adaptive Feathering, the softening effect is greatest where the underlying image is softest and least where the underlying image is sharpest. Adaptive Feathering never exceeds the current Radius setting.