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The Mask Brush

The Mask Brush lets you paint a mask onto an object.
Since the brush is round, this can be useful when you need a perfectly round mask. You may also find it handy for touching up masks that contain some rounded edges.
The Mask Brush has the following option:
  • Opacity lets you mask areas translucently. The Opacity range is 0 to 100%, with 100% (the default) being completely opaque.
You can use Opacity to mask an object that is seen through a transparent or translucent area, such as a wall seen through transparent drapes or a couch behind a glass table. You use Opacity when you define the mask for a highlight matte object .
When you move the opacity slider below 100%, you cannot use the Add and Subtract settings.
To Use the Mask Brush:
  1. In the [Select Object] box in the toolbar, select the object.
  2. In the side menu toolbar, click Add .
  3. Click the Mask Brush tool .
  4. Paint the edges of the mask with the Mask Brush tool to round its edges.
To Change the Brush Size:
  • Drag the Brush Size slider to the right (larger) or left (smaller) or use the square bracket # keys on your keyboard to make the brush size smaller or larger.
To Change the Brush Edge:
  • Drag the Brush Edge slider to the right for a sharper edge or to the left for a fuzzier edge.