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About the 3D Modeling Page

If you plan to show reflections in your vignette, you must create geometry on the 3D Modeling page.
You cannot use 3D geometry with sketch features . Sketch features are intended for apparel images and other vignettes that contain flat objects. These features are not intended for three-dimensional objects, such as upholstered furniture.
If you plan to create a 3D vignette, remember to set the mode to 3D when you create objects . You do this after you create geometry.
To create geometry successfully, complete the following steps, in order:
To go to the 3D Modeling page, click the 3D Modeling Page button in the toolbar:
The right side of your screen displays the 3D Modeling tool buttons.
The window at the bottom of the screen is a miniature view of the entire vignette, which you can zoom and pan independent of the main view. Right-click this window to see a menu of options.