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Defining Scale for 3D Images

Image Authoring uses the Pick tool measurement, along with the other geometry information you've defined, to size all the objects in the vignette.
The Pick tool lets you specify the length of an edge of a plane you've defined. You need define only one line length.
The Pick tool also lets you check the length of any edge based on the current scale, this serves as a useful consistency check.
Once you select this tool, you remain in Pick mode until you click a non-defined area (or the area outside the image).
To Define Scale:
  1. Click the Pick tool .
  2. Click a line segment within a defined plane to select it.
    The line segment thickens and turns red when the cursor is over it.
  3. Define the length of the real-life version of this segment (in inches) by typing a value in the Selected Length field and clicking Reset .
    For example, if the segment represents a wall, type 96 to indicate that the wall is eight feet (or 96 inches) tall. If you are not sure of the real-life size of the objects in your photo, use a kitchen counter height (almost always 36 inches) or a wall (almost always 96 inches).
Once you have defined the scale, you can import your geometry and save it with your vignette. You can return to the 3D Modeling page at any time to add or modify geometry.
To successfully create geometry, complete the following steps, in order: