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About the Object Page

After you create a vignette and create geometry (for 3D vignettes), you begin your work in the Object page.
If you are creating a 2D vignette, you don't need to create geometry.
To go to the Object page, click the Object Page button in the toolbar:
The right side of your screen displays the Object tool buttons.
The Object Explorer displays three entries:
Objects in the Object Explorer are color-coded:
  • Blue items accept textures or solid colors.
  • Green items are not renderable.
  • Purple items are not texturable.
  • Red items have an error. For example, these objects may not yet be masked. If an item is red, you can check the Warnings tab in that object's Properties dialog box for an explanation. This tab appears only for objects that have errors.
You'll use the Object page to create an Object Explorer entry for each object in your vignette. You start by creating the groups into which your objects are organized.