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Creating and Editing Groups

A vignette can contain several items.
For example, a photo of a room may contain images of several chairs. A single item in a photo image can contain several objects . You can create a hierarchy for your vignette. Organize the groups in the hierarchy according to how material is applied to them.
For example, the chair in the illustration below might be a group within a larger image. The numbers indicate the different objects in the chair. When a customer views the vignette and clicks any part of the chair, the whole chair is decorated with the selected sample because all of the objects in the chair are in the same group. Dividing the group into objects lets you apply the sample differently to each object, so the rendering looks realistic. You can also create sub-groups .
If you plan to render some objects with simple, smooth textures only, such as heathered fabrics, see Rendering Heathering and Simple Texture Effects before you create your objects.
To Create a Group:
  1. In the [Object Explorer] , right-click the vignette name and select New Group .
  2. For Name, type a name for the group.
    If you created a group from the template, a default name appears.
  3. If your vignette includes menus that let the user change edit options for the group options, enter the proper attributes here.
  4. Click OK .
  5. If you ever need to change the group properties you just set, right click the group in the [Object Explorer] and choose Properties .