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Creating a Highlight Matte Object

For items that use a glossy material, such as a metallic finish or patent leather, you can create a Highlight Matte object that lets you specify high reflectivity for specific areas of that object.
This feature is intended for vignettes that display a single product shot, rather than a room scene. For example, if your vignette shows a purse that is available in a metallic-finish vinyl and patent leather, you could use a Highlight Matte object to display a bright area where the light reflects off the object, with an even brighter highlight within that bright area.
The Highlight Matte object covers the entire vignette, and lets you specify multiple areas of reflection. However, you can create more than one Highlight Matte object if you want to layer areas of reflection.
To Add a Highlight Matte Object to the Vignette:
  1. Right-click the vignette name and choose New Highlight Matte .
  2. On the Mask page, specify two layers of highlights : one layer that has approximately 50% opacity and one layer that has 100% opacity.
  3. On the Illumination page, use the [Highlight] tool to adjust the highlights and base illumination until the desired effect is achieved.