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Creating an Image Map

Image maps are used only on websites that support dynamic rendering.
The areas on the image map become the clickable areas on the website.
If you plan to implement image maps, you can generate one automatically with the Image Map tool, then edit the resulting map . The automatic image map creates clickable areas that match the object masks in your image.
Do not completely enclose any area on the image map if that area contains another object. Doing so prevents the interior object from being rendered. For example, if you draw a complete rectangle around a tabletop in your image map, any objects that are fully within that rectangle won't render.
To Create an Image Map:
  1. Create your groups , sub-groups, and objects .
  2. Add masks for the objects.
  3. When all the masks are finished, click the Object Page button .
  4. On the Object page, click the Image Map tool .
  5. Right-click in the image and choose Generate Image Map .
  6. To see the image map for an object group, select the group in the [Object Explorer] .
    You must select a group and not an object .