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Plane Tab for 3D Objects

This tab displays the properties of the 3D plane attached to this object, as generated on the 3D Modeling page.
Plane Origin and Plane Normal: These fields define the plane in three dimensions, using world coordinates (usually inches).
Texture Origin: The three-dimensional location of the texture origin .
Texture Direction: Defines the principal texture direction as a 3D vector. When rendering, the texture is oriented so that its top edge is parallel to this vector, and the left side of the texture is nearer to the texture origin point.
Copy From: As an alternative to using the 3D Import tool to assign a 3D plane to this object , you can copy the 3D plane information directly from an object that already has a 3D plane assigned to it.
Match Origin: Equivalent to the [Match Origin] choice on the context menu (displayed when you right-click a planar object with the Alignment tool).