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Assigning Objects to Planes

After you create and import the geometry skeleton, you must assign a specific 3D plane to each planar object and each 3D Flowline or Sketch object in your vignette.
For example, you can join a wall object to a vertical geometric plane. Once you assign an object to a plane, it moves and sizes to that plane.
Assign [3D Flowline] or [Sketch] objects to the planes that reflect them. Only that plane can see the assigned objects. Other planes ignore them.
To Assign an Object to a Plane:
  1. Mask the objects you want to assign to planes.
  2. Click the 3D Import tool .
    You see the geometry skeleton. The skeleton represents the boundaries of the planes you defined on the 3D Modeling page.
  3. Click within the boundary of a geometric plane to select it.
  4. Alt-click the object in the image to assign to the selected plane.
  5. Right-click the image and choose Set Plane .
    You can assign several planar objects to the same plane. Alt-click another object and choose Set Plane again to assign the new object to the same plane.
If you change the camera or scale on the 3D Modeling page, you must reassign all objects to planes. If you change a plane on the 3D Modeling page, you must reassign its objects.