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The Edit Menu

The Edit menu contains the following commands. For commands with more information available, click the command name:
** Undo:** Reverses your last action. You can also click Undo in the toolbar.
Redo: Restores the last action you undid. You can also click Redo in the toolbar.
Object Properties: Lets you change properties for the current object. Depending on what is selected in the [Select Object] box , you can set view , unmasked , or object properties. Properties for objects vary by type: Non-texturable , Flat , Flowline , Sketch , Planar , Cabinet , Wall , Appliance , and Door .
** View Properties :** Sets properties for the view image.
** Vignette Properties :** Sets properties for the vignette as a whole.
Preferences: Lets you change default settings for the following: