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The File Menu

The File menu contains the following commands.
For commands with more information available, click the command name:
** New **
Open: Displays a dialog box where you can open vignette and image files. Specify the location, name, and file type, then click Open .
** Close:** Closes the current file and displays another one (if you have other files open).
** Save **
** Save As **
** Export Image: **Lets you export a vignette image or an Illumination Map to an image file. If you export your vignette as a PSD or TIFF image, you can maintain any Photoshop vector path information embedded in the image.
Export Image to IPS: If you use the Image Production System, you can export the current image directly to the IPS with this command. Make sure you have configured IPS preferences first.
** Exit:** Closes the Image Authoring application, prompting you to save each open file that has been changed.
Save All and Exit: Closes the Image Authoring application, saving each open file that has been changed (without prompting you).
Recent Files: The recent files you've opened with Image Authoring are listed at the bottom of the File menu.