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The Blur Brush

After you have generated the Reflection Map and corrected the Alpha for your reflections, use this tool to blur the reflection effect in a particular area of the image.
To Blur the Alpha Intensity for an Objector Group:
  1. Select an object or a group.
    Select an object or group from the [Select Object] box , or hold down the Alt key and click. If you use the Alt key method, check the Select Objectbox to see what's selected.
  2. Set the Image to Alpha.
  3. Click the Blur Brush .
  4. Use the tool to blur areas of the Alpha Map for the selected object or group. You Can Set the Following Options for the Blur Brush:
  • Blur Effect: The higher the percentage, the more pronounced the effect.
  • Filter Size: Changes the nature of the brush stroke, but the differences are subtle.
  • Apply to Whole Object: Applies your changes to the entire object or group that is currently selected.
  • Brush Size: Determines the size for the brush.
  • Brush Edge: Determines the sharpness for the brush.