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Render Page Options

The options at the bottom of the side window are always available.
Sub-Selection: For wall objects. Lets you select previously defined areas of the wall. You create wall areas by defining border lines using the [Layout] tool .
Illumination Map: Determines the Illumination Map used for this vignette. Map A is automatically generated when you begin working on the Illumination page, after you have masked your objects. You can edit the Illumination Map with a third-party graphics tool such as Photoshop.
Multiple Illumination Maps can be used in room scenes, where, for example, a refrigerator may have a shiny metallic finish in addition to the flatter color finishes used for other surfaces. Most vignettes use only Map A.
Skip Reflections: Check this box to speed up the rendering of 3D vignettes by ignoring any Reflection Map you generated on the Reflection page. You may want to do this as you experiment with various materials, then uncheck this option for final rendering.
Skip Edge uv: Check this box to speed up the rendering of vignettes by disabling the generation of the data required for anti-aliasing of edges within flowlines (along folds or overlaps). If you haven't changed the flowlines for the current vignette, edge uv maps are not generated in any case.