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The Favorite Materials Tool

Use the Favorite Materials tool to save materials you want to re-use.
If you have saved a set of color swatches to a Photoshop .aco file, you can import that file to add all the colors in it to a Favorites folder. You can import grayscale, RGB, CMYK, and CIELab colors. To import CIELab colors, you must enable color management . If you want the CMYK swatches you import to use the same RGB values in Image Authoring as they do in Photoshop, you must enable color management and the CMYK import profile must match Photoshop's CMYK working profile.
You can auto-populate a batch-render list from the Favorite Materials list by saving the materials with the object. You can save individual materials or a folder of materials.
You can share the items in your Favorite Materials list with other users.
Make sure you consider the following when you create a Favorite Materials list to share:
  • When another user copies your Favorite Materials list, your list replaces the user's previous Favorites list, as well as the Material History list and the Preview Textures used for the Flowline and Sketch pages. If this is not desirable, copy the texture files only to a location accessible by other users. Those users can then apply the textures and save them to their own Favorite Materials lists.
  • In order to be sure that the path names of the texture files in your Favorite Materials list are accurate for other users, start by copying the texture files to a shared location (before you add them to your Favorite Materials list).