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To Save Materials to the Favorite Materials List

  1. Select the object or group whose material you want to save.
    Select an object or group by choosing it from the [Select Object] box or by clicking it. Click once to select the group. If it has sub-groups, each additional click selects the subordinate group until you reach the object. At that point, additional clicks cycle back until you reach the group level.
    If you use the mouse-click method, check the Select Object box to see what's selected.
  2. Click Apply New Material and apply a material.
  3. Click the Favorite Materials tool .
  4. Right-click the Favorite Materials list and choose New Folder .
  5. Type a name for this collection of materials, for example, "Living Room Materials," then press Enter .
  6. Right-click the new folder and choose the appropriate Add Applied command.
    If you applied an unnamed solid color to this object, Image Authoring asks you to name the material. (If you named the color in the Saved Materials list, that name is used.) For textures, Image Authoring uses the file name for that texture unless you named the texture in Material History or Saved Materials, in which case the name you supplied is used.
    The Favorite Materials list displays the names of all folders you've created. Click any folder to display its contents.