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To Share Textures in the Favorite Materials List with Other Users

  1. Make sure that all textures you want to share are in a location accessible to other users before you add them to your Favorite Materials list.
  2. Create your Favorite Materials list, exit Image Authoring, and use Windows Explorer to navigate to the folder where Image Authoring is installed.
    You must exit Image Authoring to be sure your Favorite Materials file is updated.
    Usually, Image Authoring is installed in Program Files\Scene7\ImageAuthoring.
  3. Find the vat.vnm file.
  4. Copy the vat.vnm file to a location accessible by other users.
    For example, copy it to a network drive.
  5. Tell the other users to copy the file to their own installation folders for Image Authoring.
    Users may need administrator access to replace these files. If any materials in your Favorite Materials list use ICC color profiles, you must provide those profiles as well. When another user copies your Favorite Materials list, your list replaces the user's previous Favorites list, as well as the Material History list and the Preview Textures used for the Flowline and Sketch pages. If this is not desirable, copy the texture files only to a location accessible by other users. Those users can then apply the textures and save them to their own Favorite Materials lists.