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Applying a Decal

You can add a decal to any surface.
A decal is any single-repeat, flat object that appears on top of another object. Examples include an area rug on a wood floor, a picture on a painted wall, or a logo on a patterned blouse. Some settings that affect decals can be found on the [Texture] tab of the Object Properties dialog box.
To Apply a Decal:
  1. In Photoshop (or another image editing program), create the decal image, making note of the width, height, and screen resolution settings.
  2. Save the decal image as a selection, which makes it a channel.
  3. Save the image file in TIFF or PNG format (these formats support channels).
  4. On the Render page in Image Authoring, in the [Select Object] box , select the object on which the decal is to appear, then click the Properties button just next to it to set the origin .
    • Click the Texture tab on the Object Properties dialog box.
    • Type new values for the anchor point.
    • Click OK .
  5. Click Apply New Material and choose Apply Decal .
    You can also right-click the object and choose Apply Decal .
  6. Browse to the decal file you saved in the image editing program and open it.
    The decal is centered on the texture origin.