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Changing a Decal's Properties

You can change information about the decal.
If you have created a gloss map file, you can apply gloss to the alpha channel specified in that map file, independent of the rest of the decal image. You can also apply a gloss to the entire decal.
** To Change the Properties for a Decal:**
  1. Right-click the object to which you applied the decal and choose Decal > Properties .
  2. In the Decal Material Properties dialog box, click the General tab to change information about the fabric.
    Name/ID: This is the filename for the decal image without the file extension.
    Colorize: Check this box to add a color to the alpha channel of the image. Click the color box to choose a color .
    Preferred Illum Map: Specify the [Illumination Map] to use for determining the gloss of this image.
    ** Gloss :** Specify the percentage of shininess for this image. This setting, combined with the [Illumination Map] you specify, determines the gloss.
    Roughness: For vignettes that use reflection, you can set this material's roughness.
    ** Material:** Choose a material from the list.
    Sharpen: Choose the type of sharpening to apply.
    Opacity: Indicate to what degree the decal should obscure the texture beneath it.
  3. Click the Image tab to change the file used for the decal, and to adjust its resolution, anchor point, thickness, base color, or opacity.
    File/URL: Specify the full path to the image file for this decal.
    Resolution: Specify the image resolution in pixels per inch.
    ** Anchor Point:** Specify where this decal attaches to the object beneath it. To anchor it at its center, click Center .
    Thickness: Generally, decals have no thickness, but you can indicate a thickness if appropriate.
    Base Color: Click the color box to choose a color . To return to the original color, click .
    Opacity : Indicate to what degree the base color should obscure the texture beneath it.
    Gloss Map File: If you have created a file that specifies an alpha channel for independent areas to receive gloss (for example, for a metallic thread or satin section of a decal), specify that file here. Gloss settings are applied to the alpha channel of the decal image only.
  4. To see information about the current decal file, click the File Info tab.
  5. Click the Apply tab to change the angle or position of the decal. This is the same as using the [Decal] tool .
  6. Click the Render tab to change [Sharpen] and [Illumination] settings for the decal.