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Changing the Angle or Position of a Decal

By default, a decal is centered on the texture origin.
When the Decal tool is active, this appears on the image as a red box, which you can drag to reposition. Use the Decal tool to change the angle and position of the decal precisely.
To Change the Angle and Position for a Decal:
  1. Click .
  2. Drag the slider to change the angle, or type an angle in the box to move the decal clockwise to that angle.
  3. Type values for the position of the origin, or drag the red box on the image.
    • Changing the horizontal value moves the decal to the left (negative values) and right (positive values).
    • Changing the vertical value moves the decal (negative values) up and down (positive values).
To see decal properties, click the Decal tool and click the Material Properties tool. To see the properties for the underlying texture, make the Decal tool inactive before you click the Material Properties tool.