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Setting Up IPS for Dragging and Dropping

If you plan to drag and drop images from IPS into Image Authoring for rendering, be aware that certain values from IPS are used during rendering.


The resolution and anchor points set for images in IPS are used by Image Authoring. If the resolution for an image in IPS is set to zero, Image Authoring uses the default value set in the IPS Image Rendering Publish Settings. If that value is also zero, Image Authoring uses its own default, set in the [Material Properties] dialog box .

User-defined Fields

You may need to set up certain user-defined fields in IPS. These fields are not required, unless you are applying decals or borders from IPS, in which case the Repeat field is required. However, if you set up the fields and use drag-and-drop from IPS, the field values are used by Image Authoring. The fields to set up are as follows:
User-defined field Definition Recommended Values
Color Used to colorize textures. Specify a hexadecimal value where the first number is Red, the second number is Blue, and the third number is Green. #00aabb or 0x00aabb
Type Determines the material type. 0 to 19
Gloss Determines which Illumination Map is used. -1 to 100, inclusive -1=default
Roughness Determines the roughness of the material type. -1 to 100, inclusive -1=default value
Sharp Sharpens the material image. 0-2 (0=none, 1=normal, 2=more)
0 straight
1 4-way random tiling
2 8-way random tiling
3 diamond tiling
4 book-match (mirror)
5 half-across
6 half-drop wallpaper hang
7 fifth-drop wallpaper hang
8 reverse wallpaper hang
9 random wallpaper hang
10 random drop
11 random across
12 horizontal repeat only (wall border)
13 vertical repeat only (reserved for future)
14 not repeated (decal)
14 (decals) or 12 (borders)
BaseColor Determines the background color of the material. #00aabb or 0x00aabb
Alignment Determines the origin of the material. 0-6 (0=center, 1=continuous, 2=random, 3-6 whatever is added to vat.ini )
Illum Determines which Illumination Map a material uses for rendering. -1-2 (-1=Auto-Detect, 0=Map A, 1=Map B, 2=Map C)
The field names are not case-sensitive, but they must be spelled exactly as shown here. Do not add spaces, underscores, or other characters.
To create user-defined fields in IPS, you must have Company or IPS Administrator rights. Consult the Administrator section of the IPS Help for instructions on creating user-defined fields.