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Cabinet Options

Cabinets can accept cabinet textures (texture files with a .VNC extension) and solid colors.
Cabinets in the Illumination Map must be texture-free in order to render correctly.
If your vignette contains cabinets with glass doors , you must follow a specific set of procedures to be able to render the glass doors properly.
To Apply a Cabinet Texture to a Cabinet:
  1. Select a cabinet object or group of cabinets.
  2. Click the Apply New Material button and choose Apply Cabinet .
  3. Browse to the .VNC file you want to use to render the selected cabinets.
    Unlike other dialog boxes that let you open image files, this dialog box does not support previews.
  4. Click Open .
  5. To change the properties of the texture, use the [Texture Material Properties] dialog box.
    If the cabinet layout contains a vertical or horizontal frame, the Texture tab of the Cabinet Material Properties dialog box applies a texture to those frames.
  6. If the cabinet has a glass door, and you have followed the procedures to make the glass doors renderable , right-click the cabinet and choose Show Glass Doors . You can also choose this option from the Apply tab of the Material Properties dialog box.