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Dragging and Dropping Textures

You can apply textures to objects in your vignette from the IPS (Image Production System) or from Windows Explorer.
In order to do this, you must configure the Material Drag & Drop Behavior settings on the Preferences dialog box.
The textures you apply in this way are listed on the [Material History] list and may be added to the [Favorite Materials] or [Saved Materials] lists, where you can re-use them for any object in the vignette. (To have Image Authoring add materials to the Saved Materials list automatically, check the Save material to vignette checkbox on the Render Page tab of the Preferences dialog box. See step 1, below.)
Textures you apply from the IPS server are available only when your computer can connect to it.
You also may need to prepare the images you plan to drag and drop from IPS . If you plan to apply a decal from IPS, the decal image must have a user-defined field called "Repeat" that has a value of "14." If you plan to apply a border from IPS, the border must have a user-defined field called "Repeat" that is set to a value of "12."
To Drag and Drop Textures:
  1. Configure the [Material Drag & Drop Behavior] settings on the Render Page tab of the Preferences dialog box.
  2. Click the Render Page button .
  3. Display the IPS Browse Images page or the folder containing your texture file in Windows Explorer.
    To display the Browse Images page, start your Internet browser and navigate to the IPS. Log in and display the appropriate samples in the Browse Images page.
  4. If you need to select an object before applying the texture, click back in Image Authoring and choose the object or group for this texture.
    Select an object or group from the [Select Object] box , or click the item you want. Click once to select the group. If it has sub-groups, each additional click selects the subordinate group until you reach the object. At that point, additional clicks cycle back until you reach the group level.
    If you use the mouse-click method, check the Select Object box to see what's selected. If you are applying a decal, select a single object (not a group). If you are applying a border to a wall, select sub-selections.
  5. Drag the texture you want from the IPS Browse Images page or Windows Explorer to the Image Authoring window.
  6. Release the mouse button in the Image Authoring window.
    Depending on how you specified drag and drop behavior for Render Page Preferences, the texture is either applied to the selected object or to an object you choose from a pop-up menu when you drop the texture on your vignette. Textures you dragged and dropped from IPS display a lowercase "i" in front of their names.