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Batch Rendering PSD Files

If you are using Photoshop, you can batch-render images as layered .psd files.
This results in a Photoshop .psd file where each material is saved as a separate layer.
If the vignette uses an ICC color profile (for example, if you embedded such a profile in the image before authoring it in Image Authoring), this information is saved with the batch render using Run Length Encoding (which results in smaller files). The resulting PSD file displays the embedded profile information when you open it in Photoshop.
To save a layered Photoshop .psd file to IPS:
  1. Save a texture to each object or group that becomes a layer.
  2. Click the Saved Materials tool .
  3. Click Batch Render .
  4. In the Batch Render Setup dialog box, choose Layered File .
  5. Click OK .
    Set any options for the resulting Photoshop file, such as the resolution, compression, and color settings.
    You can see each combination rendered on screen as the batch process proceeds. Click Cancel (in the lower left corner of the window) to interrupt the process. You can monitor the progress bar in the lower right.