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Rendering with Frequently Used Materials

If you have a set of custom colors or texture files that you use frequently, you can do any of the following:
  • Save colors and textures on the [Saved Materials] list . Each color or texture is associated with a particular object or group in the current vignette. You can then easily apply saved materials to other objects in your vignette. You can also set up the Saved Materials list to use with [Batch Rendering] . (Each Saved Materials list is associated with a particular vignette and is not available universally.)
  • Save textures, colors, cabinet finishes, borders, and decals in the [Favorite Materials] list . The textures are saved independent of groups and objects. You can then easily apply saved materials to objects and groups in your vignette.
  • Save textures (but not colors) in the [Material History] list . This list is saved automatically when you apply a texture. Cabinet finishes, borders, and decals are included.
To Apply a Frequently-used Material:
  1. Select the object or group you want to render with the frequently-used material.
  2. Display the appropriate list ( Saved Materials , Favorite Materials , or Material History ) by clicking its tool button in the side menu.
  3. Double-click the desired material in the list to apply it to the selected object.