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Rendering with a Solid Color

You can render an object using a solid color.
This can help you evaluate the illumination for the object and adjust the [Illumination Map] until the rendering matches your original image.
To Render Using a Solid Color:
  1. Go to the Render page by clicking its button .
  2. Select the object to render.
    Select an object or group from the [Select Object] box , or click the object in the image. Click once to select the group. If it has sub-groups, each additional click selects the subordinate group until you reach the object. At that point, additional clicks cycle back until you reach the group level.
    If you use the mouse-click method, check the Select Object box to see what's selected.
  3. Click the Apply New Material Button and choose Apply Solid Color .
  4. To select a color, do one of the following:
    • Drag the slider at the right side of the dialog box to change the color family, then select a color by:
      dragging the circle in the large color display or
      clicking the Eyedropper and clicking a color anywhere on your screen (in your vignette, in the large color display, or in another application displayed on the screen
    • Type RGB or HSI values into the boxes provided.
  5. To save the active color for future use, right-click one of the small color boxes and choose Set to current color .
    If you want to save a custom color for future sessions, add it to the [Favorite Materials] list or the [Saved Materials] list .
  6. To clear a color from a small color box, right-click the box and choose Clear . To clear all the color boxes, choose Clear All .
  7. When you are finished, click OK .