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Rendering with a Texture

You can render using a texture that you have stored in a file.
For information about creating texture files, see Creating a Full-Tile Repeat .
To Render Using a Texture:
  1. Go to the Render page by clicking its button .
  2. Select the object or group to render.
    You can use the [Select Object] box or you can click the object in the image. Click once to select the group. If it has sub-groups, each additional click selects the subordinate group until you reach the object. At that point, additional clicks cycle back until you reach the group level. If you use the mouse-click method, check the Select Object box to see what's selected.
    If you want to apply a decal, select a single object (not a group).
    If you want to apply a border to part of a wall, select a sub-selection.
  3. Click the Apply New Material Button and choose Apply Texture .
  4. Navigate to your texture file, select it, and choose Open . If you have set a preference to do so , a prompt lets you set the resolution for the new texture. To bypass this prompt, hold down the Shift key when you click Open .
If the texture does not have an embedded color profile, you are prompted to assign one or to indicate that you do not want to use color management for this texture.
You can also apply materials using the following: