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Changing Window Covering Frame Properties

You can change information about the window covering frame.
To Change the Properties for a Window Covering Frame:
  1. Select the window covering frame, then click the Properties button next to the Selected Object field.
  2. In the Object Properties dialog box, click the General tab to change information about the window covering frame.
    Name: The name you provided for the object when you created it. You can change this at any time.
    Z-Order: Specifies whether this object renders above or below other items, for example, window hardware. Window coverings should always have a z-order value higher than 1.
  3. Click the Warnings to see any problems with this object.
  4. Click the Plane to change the properties of the 3D plane attached to this object , as generated on the [3D Modeling] page .
  5. Click the Quad tab to change the bounding box for this object.
  6. Click the Texture tab to change the Decal Attach settings, such as the light vector angle which controls the angle of the shadow cast by the window covering.