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Using Material Templates

Material templates are sets of properties that you can apply to a material.
You can create a material template for a texture, color, or window covering, but if the template contains settings that are not appropriate for a material when you apply it, those settings are ignored. For example, sharpening settings are ignored for colors.
If you apply a template to a material in a vignette, its settings become the active settings for that material, so that anyone else opening the vignette with that material sees the same settings. The templates themselves are needed only when you set up a material.
You can save material templates on your local system in .VTC (Vignette Template Collection) files to share with other Image Authoring users.
There is one special material template called VIGNETTE. This template is saved with the vignette itself and is used as the default settings for all materials, if no other template or settings are specified. The VIGNETTE template is not saved out to a file.
To Create a Material Vignette:
  1. On the Render page, apply a texture or color to a masked object.
  2. Right-click the applied texture and choose Properties .
  3. In the Texture Material Properties dialog box, click the General tab and choose Manage Templates from the Template drop-down list.
    You can also change settings on the Texture Material Properties dialog box, then choose Manage Templates . Your new settings are the starting values on the Material Templates dialog box.
  4. In the Material Templates dialog box, specify a name for the new template, or choose an existing template from the list on the left.
    If you choose an existing template, you modify the settings for that template.
    You cannot choose the VIGNETTE template until you save settings to it.
  5. Specify settings on each tab of the dialog box. The settings are the same as those on the [Texture Material Properties] dialog box.
  6. Do any of the following:
    • To create a new template, click New . (This button is available only if you typed a unique name for this template.)
    • To modify the existing template you selected, click Save .
    • To return the settings to their previous values, click Reset .
    • To delete a template from the list on the left, select the template, click Action , then choose the Delete option.
    • To save the current settings as the default for all future materials in this vignette, click Action , then choose Copy to 'VIGNETTE' template. This causes the VIGNETTE item in the list on the left to become active.
    • To save your material templates to a file, click Action , and choose Save Templates to File .
    • To import material templates from a file, click Action , then choose Load Templates from File .
      You can also right-click a template in the list on the left to see the choices that appear on the Action button.
  7. To apply the selected template in the list on the left to the current material on the Render page, click OK . To close the dialog box without applying the template, click Close .