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Changing the Texture Anchor Point

You can change the point on the texture that lines up with the origin on an object.
Unless you are rendering with a heavily patterned fabric texture, you should position the texture anchor point at the top-left corner of the image.
If you want to adjust the way a pattern appears on a particular piece of furniture or apparel, however, you may want to move the anchor point. For example, you might want to apply this pattern to a chair, but instead of centering the flower on the back of the chair, you may want petals at each corner of the chair back:
If you adjust the texture anchor point, make sure you are viewing the correct origin point in the drop-down list .
To Change the Texture Anchor Point:
  1. On the Render page, apply the texture you want to adjust to an object or group.
  2. Click the Material Properties tool , then click the Texture tab in the Texture Material Properties dialog box.
  3. Reset the texture anchor point by dragging the crosshairs in the preview or by typing new amounts in the Anchor Point boxes.
  4. Click OK to use the new values.